Beyond Borders

A nomadic documentary


At a time when some people have to emigrate to survive while others erect walls to protect themselves,

we have chosen to elaborate a freedom experience shared by all

Free like a crane

Independant wildlife and social documentary, following the migration of a mythic bird




A wild road

About a hundred thousand European cranes make an annual migration between Northern Europe and Africa along a so called » eastern » corridor. A wild and invisible road on humans maps.

A cultural share

That animals migration connect men's territories and these ancient paths have formed the first global network.


A film 
This film will be the story of adventurers  who will meet the different populations throughout their journey. The migratory bird will be the first topic of discussion, a way to establish a first link and then discover each culture.

film documentaire sans frontiere

Behind the project

In 2011, we have directed a first documentary film about the migration of common cranes from Sweden to Spain : "Frogs on the roof". Aired on french TV, rewared in film festivals, we have to continue our adventure. We wanted to talk to people who don't know nature, to people who would not even have the idea to watch a documentary film.