Beyond Borders

A nomadic documentary


At a time when some people have to emigrate to survive while others erect walls to protect themselves,

we have chosen to elaborate a freedom experience shared by all


Sweden, end of September. Cranes gather to prepare for the autumn migration. A team of youngflmmakers decided to follow them during their entire journey. Trough Germany, France and Spain, they take us with them in an unpredictable road movie. Tey meet on their way characterswhose lives are regulated by the migration of the largest bird in Europe. We then discover howmuch cranes keep on enriching man's inner world. Astounding landscapes drag us through colourful atmospheres. The journey invites our minds to escape reality.



At the end of the formation of the IFFCAM (wildlife flm school of Ménigoute), students have a tradition of making a collective own production with volunteer members their promotion. If the Institute is providing material support, projects are independent of academic cursus and areproduced by the student association. Frogs on the roof is the project writen, shooted and edited by theffth promotion (2008-2010). On the feld, they were helped by the european working group andmany volunteer. This is their frst flm shot abroad and their frst medium-length flm but they hadalready worked together in the school. Each of them had also directed two documentaries aboutvarious nature themes.



-Festival de la Salamandre, Morges, 2015

-Festival A nous de voir, Sciences et cinéma, Oulins, 2013

-Rencontres Cinéma Nature, Dompierre-sur-Besbre, 2013, PRIX DU MEILLEUR PREMIER FILM

-Wildlife Vasaa Nature Film Festival, Novembre 2012

-Greenscreen Festival, Allemagne, Septembre 2012, hors-compétition

-Festival du Film Animalier et de L'Environnement de Rabat, Avril 2012, CIGOGNE DE BRONZE

-Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature d'Abbeville – Avril 2012 – GRAND PRIX

-Festival International du Film Ornithologique de Ménigoute 2011 – Hors-Compétition

-Festival International de la photographie animalière de Montier-en-Der 2011





France 3 National, France 3 Grand-Ouest and France 3 Nord-Est.