Beyond Borders

A nomadic documentary


At a time when some people have to emigrate to survive while others erect walls to protect themselves,

we have chosen to elaborate a freedom experience shared by all

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Who are we ?

  Arnaud Devroute and Maxence Lamoureux are our name. We are two french filmaker based in the countryside of France, not so far from Paris, not so far from the sea and the moutain. We are first and foremost in love with pictures and stories. While studying animal documentary-making in the french school "IFFCAM", we have opened a new door: the door of nature, and with it new ways of telling the world. Nature has so deeply left its print onto human cultures that they are still steeped in it despite the distance Western citizens have taken from wild life. And within these links between men and the wilderness, we find the most beautiful tales that feed our imagination.

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